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distinguished suppliers

Based on the keenness of the General Budget Department and its firm belief in the importance of suppliers and Suppliers Relationship Management Approach, the Department held a ceremony to honor a number of distinguished suppliers from the public and private sectors for the year 2018 in recognition of their outstanding performance and cooperation in providing quality products and services according to high quality specifications meeting the department’s requirements and needs.

On behalf of the Director General of GBD, Assistant Director General for Technical Affairs, Mr. Majdi Al-Shoraiqi, honored the ceremony of the department’s distinguished suppliers. He also pointed out that the ceremony was an appreciation of their efforts in providing excellent goods and services to the General Budget Department and to enhance the frameworks of communication and cooperation with them. Mr. Majdi showed the department’s readiness to receive and take into account all observations that contribute to building successful partnerships with them.

30/12/2018 Parliamentary Financial Committee

Discussions of the Parliamentary Financial Committee of the Draft General Budget Law and Draft of Government Units Budgets Law for the Fiscal Year 2019

29/11/2018 The Ministers Council

The Council of Ministers approves the Draft General Budget Law and Draft of Government Units Budgets Law for the Fiscal Year 2019

21/11/2018 Government's priorities

The Government's priorities for the next two years (2019-2020)

12/11/2018 distinguished suppliers

Honoring distinguished supplier

03/11/2018 Minister of Finance visits GBD

Minister of Finance visits General Budget Department

26/09/2018 Circular issued

Budget Circular No. (15) of 2018 issued

16/08/2018 Minister of Finance visits GBD

His Excellency the Minister of Finance Visits GBD

24/07/2018 Dialogue Sessions

GBD holds dialogue sessions for service recipients

13/06/2018 Royal Decree

Manpower By-law for Ministries, Government Departments and Units for the fiscal year 2018 endorsed by Royal Decree

13/05/2018 Prime minister instructs

Circular of His Excellency the Prime Minister to prepare the Draft General Budget Law and Draft Government Unit’s Budgets Law for 2019 has been issued

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